Medicine Man Garlic

Sam Sharp Medicine Man Garlic Michigan

The Health Awareness Center is pleased to announce that it is the exclusive distributor of Medicine Man Garlic from Open Sky Organic Farm.

The Health benefits of eating garlic are well established both scientifically and from anecdotal evidence.

Open Sky Organic Farm’s Medicine Man Garlic is 100% guaranteed to have the absolutely highest placebo healing effects of any garlic on the market. If you are not satisfied with the healing results from eating this garlic, we will gladly allow you to return to your previous state state of dis-ease and discomfort absolutely free of charge!

Each bulb of this amazing garlic has been held and blessed by a potentially world renowned, self proclaimed, Medicine Man.

Whether you are interested in its magical properties or just want some delicious certified organic garlic for eating or for seed, place your orders now. There is a very limited supply!

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